By-the-Hour is Better!

At Bloom, we like things to be as simple and as clear as possible. This is why our stylists charge an all-inclusive hourly rate. There are two hourly rates. One is for non-chemical services, such as hair cuts, braids, and up-styles. The second rate is for chemical services, like root touch-ups, balayage, and highlights. Charging this way eliminates the "upcharge" culture found in most salons. We never want you to leave us feeling confused or overcharged! We love that using a simple hourly rate allows us to do — or use — everything we feel is necessary for your hair without you having to worry about added costs.

Straightforward, simple, and clear. Just the way we like it! Got questions about your appointment? Just text or call us! We're always here to help.

Our Stylists' Rates

Non-Chemical Chemical
Breanne Owner $70 $85
Sam Owner $60 $80
Abby Stylist $60 $80
Deanna Stylist $55 $75
Noelle Stylist $50 $65
Kayla Stylist $45 $60
Amanda Stylist $45 $60

60-Minute Hair Cut
Traditional—but never boring—wash, cut, and style. Ideal for those with thick hair, long hair, or detailed shorter cuts. Also great for those who just appreciate a little extra time and attention!
30-Minute Hair Cut
Usually, our 30-minute appointments are for shorter cuts and include a wash, cut and style. Got a lot of hair, but not a lot of time? 30 minutes cuts are also ideal for long-haired clients seeking a quick, dry cut with no wash.
Bloom Blow-Out
Honestly, a great blow-out makes for a great weekend. A relaxing shampoo, a smooth blow-dry, and you’re set. And, of course, we can do beachy waves, too!
Updos and Formal Styles
This is what to do when you don’t know what to do! Perfect for fancy work occasions, weddings, or dances!
Quick Styles and Festival Braids
Cute braids, quick and crazy boho styles—let's have some fun! Try something new for the weekend, for a concert, for whatever!
Hair Extensions (Consultation required*)
We offer tape-ins, beaded rows, halos, and clip-ins. Extensions require a larger up-front cost for the hair, the first installation, and hair cut. After the initial installation, adjustments, or “move-ups” are required every 6-10 weeks ($100+). This is necessary to keep your hair healthy. If you need either the extensions or your own hair colored, the color service is not included.

*Service consultations are offered free of charge.
A 50% deposit is requited to schedule extension services.

Root Retouch Color
Perfect for covering grays (also know as natural sparkles) or touching up just the root area.
All-Over Color
Color refresh, from roots to ends.
Partial Highlight and or Lowlight
Partial generally means only a certain area of the head. For those looking to just brighten the top, sides, or the hairline. Great for your appointments between big color changes, or for those seeking a natural, subtle look.**
Full Highlight and/or Lowlight
0-100! When you want a big change or lightness and dimension all over!**
Partial Balayage
Looking for face-framing pieces? Or just a little lightness on your ends? Partial is probably what you want!**
Full Balayage
If you’re looking for all-over, blended ribbons of color in that Pinterest-perfect style, a full Balayage is just the ticket!**
Color Correction
Color corrections encompass a pretty big range of services. It’s necessary for big changes, like going from very light to very dark, or vice-versa. If you’ve played with boxed color in the past year, a color correction could fix things up. And let’s talk it out! If you’re nervous about a color correction, or aren’t sure if you even need one, schedule a free consultation with us!
“Brass” has an enemy—and it’s gloss! Useful in cancelling out unwanted tones (such as orange in a blonde) or achieving specific hues, like “ashy,” “rose gold,” or “caramel,” for example. Glosses also add shine and smoothness to the hair, and can be as natural or as bold as you like. You can schedule gloss and toner as a stand-alone service between appointments, because who doesn’t love bein’ fresh?

**Good to know: Most highlights require a gloss/toner to achieve the desired tone.

Brazilian (1 hour) $60
Bikini (45 minutes) $45
Full Backside (Includes inner, 30 minutes) $32
Inner Backside (30 minutes) $22
Full Leg (1 hour, 30 minutes) $80
Half Leg (Upper or lower, 45 minutes) $45
Underarms (30 minutes) $24
Full Arms (1 hour) $50
Half Arms (45 minutes) $40
Abdomen (30 minutes) $30
Brows (30 minutes) $18
Upper Lip (15 minutes) $16
Brow/Lip Combo (45 minutes) $32
Chin (15 minutes) $16
Sideburns (15 minutes) $16
Brow Wax (30 minutes) $20
Brow Tint (30 minutes) $18
Lash Tint and Wax (45 minutes) $44

Brow Wax/Tint Combo (45 minutes) $34
Brow Tint/Lash Tint Combo (45 minutes) $42

Brazilian (1 hour) $65
Modified Brazilian (1 hour, 15 minutes) $85
Full Brazilian (1 hour, 45 minutes) $110
Full Buttocks (45 minutes) $40
Inner Backside (30 minutes) $32
Full Back (45 minutes) $64
Half Back (Upper or lower, 30 minutes) $34
Chest (1 hour) $60
Abdomen (45 minutes) $30
Underarms (30 minutes) $24
Full Leg (1 hour, 30 minutes) $84
Half Leg (Upper or lower, 45 minutes) $48
Brows (30 minutes) $18
Neck (30 minutes) $16
Nose (30 minutes) $16

Full Set, Classic Lash Extensions $145
Fill (1-7 days) $45
Fill (7-14 days) $55
Fill (14-21 days) $65

Lash Removal $25
Lash Lift $65
Lash Tint $28
Lash Lift and Tint $80
We do not fill lashes from another salon. Please schedule a lash removal and a full set appointment. Thank you!

Dermaplane Facial $100
Three Dermaplane Facial Package $250

Spray Tan $40

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